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The history of SMYRLIADIS BODYBUILDING company in the vehicle bodybuilding sector dates back to around 1946. During the last 15 years the company is housed in owned facilities at Kryoneri, Attica; it employs a staff of 42.

Being in a highly competitive sector, due to the fact that road transport is responsible for a large part of the country's goods transportation tasks, SMYRLIADIS BODYBUILDING managed to rank among the leaders on the sector.

Our know-how and consistent production made all truck chassis importers to trust us and to collaborate with our company for the most comprehensive end product (truck - bodywork) supplied to the client.

In addition to truck chassis importers, the end - users of our products (transport operators, food trading companies and many more trades), have demonstrated their faith in our products through the years.

The bodybuilding sector is continuously developing and becoming more demanding; SMYRLIADIS BODYBUILDING keeps abreast of the sector's development, develops and trains their staff, expands its production facilities, visits and collaborates with foreign manufacturers, at all times based on the end - user (client) requirements in order to provide the latter with an optimal product transport solution.

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